10 Super-Fruits That Control Appetite for Losing Weight Healthily

We all do realise that to lose weight one needs to undergo intense struggle, especially in order to get the desired results. This holds true particularly for the current generation that has learnt to laze, over the years. In this day and age, with unhealthy food options and a demeanour that oozes comfort over hard work, obesity does not feel like such a surprise anymore.

Usually, whenever people decide to go with crash diet for losing weight without doctor’s prescription or supervision. This is incessantly unhealthy and often people just get hungry and fall victim to overeating. People end up eating more than they should and hence this becomes a vicious cycle. People usually think that this weight-loss cycle is a simple process – you eat less to limit your calorific intake. This barely ever works as eating less is the wrong way to do the right thing. People ought to change their diet and switch to healthy food instead. Healthy food that suppresses your hunger pangs is the way to go. These food items ensure that you do not get hungry after a certain point. Multiple different food items initiate the process of appetite suppression. Such food items have a low calorific content and the danger of your diet losing its steam is lesser.



Apples are brilliant as they keep the doctor away and suppress your hunger too. Low calorific count and lesser calories are only two of its benefits. The fibrous content of apples ensures that your appetite is lesser than usual. The fibre actually makes you full and does so for a longer amount of time. This way you eat less and feel full for a longer time. Apples also have natural sugars that are inherently important for the maintenance of the right level of sugar, in turn aiding you in limiting your carbohydrate wants. Studies have shown that three small apples a day can help lose weight drastically, and there is a perceivable difference in the glucose levels in blood.



Dried fruit, yet fruit nevertheless, almonds are a good kind of appetite suppressant. They have antioxidants, magnesium and Vitamin E in abundance. Almonds also make people feel very full, ultimately aiding in the management of weight. They can make for a good substitute and healthy snack.



Another great fruit on this list is avocado. Avocado is also abundant in fibre and non-saturated fat. The non-saturated fats greatly aid in keeping the heart healthy. These fats in avocados let the brain know that the stomach is currently full and does not want any more food.

Umeboshi Plums

Umeboshi Plums

A unique fruit item on this list, yet amazing, Umesboshi plums are purchasable at any decent specialty shop or a good Asian grocery outlet. The best part about these plums is that they are picled and are the best fit to satisfy your unhealthy sweet cravings. Do try these today!



Pears are a kind of super weight loss food and it has a great quantity of fibre content in it. Pear has one of the most amounts of fibre content among all the fruits. The fibre easily helps your stomach in being full. This calms your hunger pangs and the need to eat a lot. It also lowers your cholesterol greatly. Pears also make your heart healthy and fine, this is because of the good amount of potassium in the fruit.



Bananas are easily available in most parts of the world. You will never have to look too hard and too far to get one of these. They are extremely healthy and are quite tasty! Bananas have a good concentration of both potassium and fibres. The combination of these two components in bananas aids in a healthy amount of weight loss and that too at a very good rate. Only bananas have a high dosage of Vitamin B6 in them, no other fruit has this quality. A single banana can cover around one-third of your daily-recommended Vitamin B6 amount. This Vitamin aids in making your heart healthy and in turn mitigating the risk of any heart ailments. Vitamin B6 also greatly enhances your immunity level, keeping you safe from infections. Bananas are best when had with breakfast and they will greatly help you in losing those annoying pounds.



These gems have one of the greatest levels of antioxidants, and this is great news for you! Metabolic syndrome is avoidable by eating just a few blueberries every day. They can counter insulin-based resistance, obesity, high-cholesterol levels as well as tension. Studies have shown that blueberries also fight against fat-storing cells. It is indeed remarkable that the smallest of fruits has such amazing benefits!



Strawberries are another great type of weight-loss augmenting fruit and this is in part because of leptin and adiponectin. These are two hormones found in strawberries aid in burning fat and boosting your metabolism levels. When coupled with exercise, strawberries can work wonders. These berries also contain anti-inflammatory enzymes, aiding in the healing of tissue damage.



The best thing about Kiwis is that you can consume them right from their shells. It also has a sweet as well as sour taste at the same time! Kiwi also is full of fibre, greatly augmenting weight loss. Even the black seeds in this fruit are made of insoluble fibre; this greatly aids your digestive system. The soluble fibres found in Kiwi that help you feel full and lose weight with ease.



Even though you should not have a grapefruit all the time in the day, it works as an energy source to combat fat-storage in your body. If you eat half a grapefruit prior to your mealtime, there is a greater chance of you losing weight speedily. Grapefruits also have a low-calorific content. Additionally, there is a high fibre content in this wonder-fruit.

Other fruits that did not make the list but have weight-loss aiding characteristics are coconuts, pomegranates and peaches. One thing is for sure, fruits are definitely one of the best sources of fibre and are greatly metabolism building. A good diet of fruits will help you in losing weight at your desired pace.

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