5 Most Fashionable Christmas Gifts

Does your fashion-addicted friend or relative always get clothes for Christmas? Don’t think that’s the only thing you can gift them this year. There are so many amazing on-trend accessories and jewelry pieces every fashionista would love to show off, so forget about scarfs and check out these original ideas that will look amazing under every fashion-conscious tree.

A toiletry bag

A cool toiletry bag is a must-have, no matter if you’re shopping for a traveller or a couch potato, for a guy or a girl. Pick a model with a waterproof interior that will retain all the possible spills inside and not make a mess all over the suitcase or bathroom. Fill the toiletry bag with a few necessities, but don’t forget a good razor. If your guy is always in a rush, it’s a great idea to get a wet-dry electric razor that allows him to shave in the car or at the airport and always look amazing. A toiletry bag for her must have a few mini lipsticks for a makeup touchup on the go. If you know your gift receivers already have something similar, opt for a designer clutch bag that’s perfect for everything from work to a night out with friends. It’s a gift both business women and men will appreciate, because they’ll finally have something trendy to spice up their business attire.


Even though most guys have some sort of a suit, very few have stylish cufflinks. That’s a shame, because these two little details can really put final touches to his look and make him look super smooth and fashionable. It’s also a great way for him to show off his personality and interests in a subtle and professional way.

Cufflinks come in all designs imaginable, so you’ll be able to find something for everyone. There are even festive cufflinks with holly and ivy which is a perfect Christmas present! On the other hand, if you have a serious businesswoman in your family or friend circle, why not treat her to a pair of cufflinks, too. Sure, they are traditionally an accessory for men, but who says ladies can’t wear them? Opt for a bigger design to really attract attention and she’ll love her new piece of jewelry.

New glasses

The only thing you need to do is find out their exact prescription and you can go shopping for glasses! Everyone who wears a pair knows how quickly they can become boring and shabby, so a new frame is always a great idea. But, before settling on a pair, check out some easy online guides that will ensure you pick the ones that fit their head shape, eye color and personality. However, if you simply can’t take your pick, opt for something smaller like a personalized glasses stand. It’s easy to find Christmas gifts online such as this one, so you don’t really have to do a lot of shopping (the holiday season is usually super busy). Just order your model, pick a unique inscription and you’re ready for Christmas!

A quality camera

All trendy people must own a vintage camera-that’s the rule! All jokes aside, getting your Christmas present receiver a quality photo gear is a great way to encourage them to pursue their passion. Plus, they will definitely look amazing with a camera accompanying their stylish outfit. Pick something unique like a vintage-style Polaroid Snap. It’s a modern take on an old-school camera that will help them snap Insta-worthy images every time. If you’re looking for something more professional, choose a retro Nikon or Olympus to be their favorite accessory. Throw in a handy tripod or an extra lens for a real fashion shoot!

A fashion-related book

Learning about the history of fashion will definitely help your stylish friend learn more about their passion and even discover new styles and fashion idols. So, make sure to find a fashion-related book to teach them a thing or two about big names in the industry or inspire them with pro photographs and models. If you already know their favorite designer or runway model, there’s a good possibility they had their biographies published (today, almost everyone has one of these), so don’t hesitate to treat your fashionista with some memoirs. Plus, fashion books are not only informative, but they usually have amazing covers which makes them a stylish addition to every coffee table or bookshelf.

This year, you’ll feel like a real Santa during the gift exchange time. Just don’t be surprised if you get a lot of hugs and excited fashion lectures once they unwrap their present, because your fashionista loved one will not be able to thank you enough!

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